Suivi de mission flexible

Mobile Field Services Management

Our solution is mobile, flexible, scalable and highly configurable to fit perfectly our customers’ needs and business processes. In addition it’s fully Mobile and doesn’t need any fixed installation in vehicle, increasing its flexibility and cost effectiveness …

Suivi de flotte

Real Time Geo location solution

Our mobile solution allow a very detailed and real time geo location of any equipped individual even with no or low GPS coverage. It allows to dispatch field service engagement more effectively and save additional costs …

Technologie multi plateforme

Multi platforms solution

Our solution is fully operational on all mobile platforms (Androïd, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry) reducing maintenance costs and allowing to use existing mobile hardware. In addition it’s using a responsive design which fits any size of display …

Geoloc software

Geoloc software

GEOLOC SOFTWARE is a French start-up founded in October 2013. We are heavily investing in Research & Development to build the ultimate Field Services Management mobile solution. In order to achieve this challenging goal we have hired a strong engineer team, capitalizing more than 100 years experience in software development and database design.


Our solution is fundamentally innovative; we have worked to solve many issues:
    •    Geo location accuracy whatever the GPS positioning quality is
    •    Server/Mobile and Mobile/Mobile data transmission whatever the network coverage quality is
    •    Ease of use and ergonomic while driving safely (and respecting local regulations)
    •    Highly configurable solution to fit users needs and process
    •    Multi platform Mobile solution and reduce maintenance costs


Starting with the existing version 1.0, we have an 18 months roadmap to increasing our R&D effort and continuing to improve our solution. We are collaborating with innovative clusters such as Images & Réseaux and ID4CAR on collaborative projects associating other SMBs and High-tech R&D laboratories. We are starting to explore the “Horizon 2020” EEC Program, partnering with a research institute and several of its R&D labs.